Logo Designer on Fiverr

The business structures of today’s world face immense competition in the market. Thus, every business entity needs attractive and catchy logo designs to make the businesses stand out among many.

Are you a newbie in the market and need some creative logo designs for your business, worry not because we can help you find the best logo designer on Fiverr relevant to logo designing services? This exclusive compilation of best gigs will help you choose the best of the lot for your business, thus turning it into a big success.

The competitive edge it gives you is we will provide you with the best logo design service that can help your business flourish at the most economical rates. Though you can get these services on other international platforms, the cost would be halfway in case you utilize the gigs on Fiverr.


1. Thedesignaffair

Nancy is a certified graphic designer freelancer based in India. She specializes in logo design and brand identification and enjoys hanging out, having coffee, and traveling around the world. She is certain that they provide attractive and effective designs and that their service is quick, precise, and on time.

2. Srdjanstojicic

Srdjan is a skilled, creative, experienced graphic designer with a good attitude. He has a strong background in graphic design and branding.

With over 3000 orders done successfully on Fiverr. Their purpose isn’t only to finish your order and go on. They are finished when you are completely satisfied with the logo.

3. Softriver

Softriver is a London-based British graphic designer. Known for creating distinctive and industry-leading logos for startups and cutting-edge businesses.

They feel that a fantastic logo is an important element of a company’s success. It is the first step in establishing credibility and gaining client loyalty. This is why he will work tirelessly with you to produce the current, cutting-edge, and professional logo your business needs to grow.

4. Honeyqureshi

Honey Qureshi is a brilliant graphic designer that can create company logos, postcards, and advertising. They have built a broad range of experience in several sectors of graphic design during many years of working in the design industry.

They will ensure that you are completely satisfied at all stages of the process. Every design will be eye-catching, identifying and representing your company/business/brand.

5. Jeyarts

Damith is a logo designer with 7 years of experience making creative, minimal, professional, and one-of-a-kind logos. 

They will design standard logos that reflect you and your company. 

6. Bilalhaider23

Bilal Haider is a dependable, ambitious, creative, and well-presented graphic designer. For 5 years, he worked as a Logo Designer and Web Designer for a variety of companies.

He has designed more than 10K+ corporate logos in many categories such as Versatile, Signature, minimalist, Retro, watercolor, custom, feminine, hand-drawn, and so on.

7. Logolandstudio

Viktor Stanojkovski is driven by the desire to create beautiful designs for startups and renowned businesses. He has 7 years of professional design expertise. Try him out; you’re be shocked their talented work!

8. Zsdezigns

Zeeshan Ashraf is a Pakistani professional logo designer. He enjoys creating logos for his clients. He enjoys taking on new tasks in every scenario. He enjoys researching new approaches in this domain.

9. Keplergraphics

Kepler is a fantastic freelance graphic designer, and he assist companies in being artistically fresh through logo design. Whether a firm is attempting to establish culture or a band is looking to increase their dedicated fan base.

He also produces flyers/posters and social media graphics on occasion. He enjoys creating basic visuals with a purpose and making letters seem attractive.

10. Usmanparvez

Usman Parvez creates the highest quality logos and branding for your company. He wil promise that the quality of his job will meet your expectations. Their design sense should present your company a corporate appearance.